Skyfire for iPhone hands-on (video)

Also though Skyfire for iPhone could be virtually precisely prefer its Android counterpart, it has continue to no longer on the legal market for download during the App Store because of server problems, therefore we have a tendency to consideration you may gain desire to detect the way it works. We have seen enhancements on the Flash-to-HTML5 conversion servers during the past mean solar day or so, which brands watching videos a breeze. The app itself serves as an absolutely purposeful browser allowing for the same old features you would are hoping to find: bookmarking, a dedicated search bar, custom homepage, plus even non-public browsing. Pages render rather temporarily, although scrolling and pinching to zoom is the legal little bit rough around the advantages. As for basically watching Flash videos, it could not be simpler -- once you've got navigated to a page embedded along with a video, a popup window is sufficient to appear and you are sensible to head. Unfortunately, though, the browser lacks the facility to scrub videos. Less than hey, if you have been waiting three-plus years to play flash videos on your 3.5-inch display, Skyfire would possibly ( or might not) be the response to your burning desire. Build certain to take a look at the browser in action once the break!
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April 16, 2012 at 11:20 PM

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