Nintendo 3DS to feature Three.4-inch Sharp parallax barrier display?

As to hand tend to be not lots from mass production features out there once it projects to glasses-less 3D displays for Nintendo's forthcoming 3DS hand-held gaming console. Plus according to early leaks up of Japan, the legal special Nintendo 3DS display is supposedly assembled by Hitachi and Sharp employing a parallax barrier system. Thus guess where about that new 3.4-inch, 480 x 854 pixel display is probably going headed? Whereas Sharp does not say for certain, it is the legal smart bet which this parallax barrier 3D LCD are going to be fronting the user interface on the 3DS. Not prefer the 3D displays you is sufficient to notice in up to date 3D HDTVs requiring the viewer to erosion and tear active or passive glasses, Sharp's display uses a parallax barrier system to form a feeling of depth by employing a series of vertical slits in an ordinary LCD to direct light-weight to the concession and left eyes. The panel offers a 500nit brightness, 1,000:1 distinction, and is obtainable allowing for or while not a touchscreen. A non-touchscreen version of the display is going back into mass production prior to June less than there is no specific mention of the touchscreen timeline (but we have a tendency to imagine it will not be a lot behind). In different words, shall we suffer from a Nintendo 3DS on the market before the vacations. Simply asserting. Guess we'll find out for sure at E3 in June.