Notion Ink Adam hands-on (with video) at MWC 2010

We tend to were given a couple minutes nowadays to take a look at the legal freshest build on Notion
Ink's Adam prototype which we first saw back at CES. Favor we
heard every week or thus ago, on hand could be sufficient to indeed be two versions up of
the Adam --
one which tend to be going to be Twelve.Nine mm thick plus boast the
Pixel Qi 3Qi e-paper screen, and a more in-depth, thinner, non-Pixel Qi
screen. The thinner, lighter version will measure in at Eleven.Six mm
thick. As much as we all be familiar with, the most effective difference during the two
Tegra-powered Adams will be the display, and that we also listen to they are already
shooting for a third quarter of 2010 launch. In the meantime, take a look at
out the footage we got of the near-final prototype, and the overall video
demo of the reader's flash support which explains after the break.
Ink Adam hands-on

Ink Adam powered on

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