LaCie's Internet Space is sparse, available (in the UK)

We don't blame LaCie for continuing Neil Poulton's 2001-esque drive designs -- they're pretty attractive -- but they're not exactly taking us on a mind-bending trip through space and time, if you know what we mean. "Internet Space," the newest entry to the line, is nearly exactly the same as their previous "Network Space" product -- in both looks and specs. The drives clock in at 500GB, 750GB or 1TB sizes with a single gigabit Ethernet port for looping into your network, but unlike the old version, data stored on this model can be accessed via a portal on LaCie's internet website. They're only available in the UK right now (as far as we can tell), and retail for £114.99 ($183) for the 500GB, £129.99 ($207) for the 750GB, and £159.99 ($254) for the 1TB models, respectively.

[ Via: New Launches ]